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Your one-stop guide to gluten-free eats in Houston, Texas

It is easy to be gluten free in Houston, Texas. With our local economy booming, cultures interlacing, and a healthy America rising – dietary restrictions no longer feel like restrictions. We are truly blessed to live in this cultural/economic/tech-rich era.

I know from my own experience, navigating a restaurant menu can be a daunting and overwhelming task for gluten free patrons.  But it does not have to be; I am committed to eating my way through Houston to share with you the secrets, tips, and best spots for gluten free dining in the city.  Leaving El Tiempo restaurant one day, I realized that Houston needs a one-stop gluten free resource!!  I decided to dedicate this section of my blog to be just that — your guide on where to find GF brownies, pizza, pasta, salads, and the ultimate wheat free feast.

We have it all in Houston. Follow Nat’s Knack for up-to-date reviews and suggestions on eating GF in Houston.

My Finds:

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I’m always searching . . . stay tuned for updates!