Glass is always half full

glassLife really is a treat.  Each day is a new unknown, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Ok so maybe I am an eternal optimist, but I cannot help but see the world in good light.  I love to celebrate the little things: the small victories, the beautiful encounters, or even the simplest achievements like going for that job or buying that book you’ve had on your wishlist for over a year.  Why not toast to a day without bickering or a day of torrential downpour that led you to your yoga mat and watered the desperately quenched soil?

There are two things that I can assuredly look forward to in a given day:

1.  I will learn something new about myself.  Something will challenge me or awaken inside of me.  That “ah-ha” moment when I understand something about myself a little better. Today, I learned that I love seeing people smile.  It is one of my many natural highs.  This discovery also led me to write this blog post.

2.  I will learn something new about someone else and smile at our differences.  That’s what makes our world go round right?  How cool is it that in all our human likeness, different things make each of us tick?  Today, I learned that a restaurant manager pursued her dream and finally started her own catering branch.  I watched her eyes light up as she shared photos from her latest catering gig.  How rad is that?  She was glowing as she talked… I couldn’t stop myself from telling her how happy she looked and how happy I was for her!  Then, I met my semi-mysterious housemate and learned that she and I had way more in common than I ever could have imagined! Our brief encounter literally changed my day.  Without knowing it, something she said in our conversation lit a fire under me to pursue one of my own dreams.  Too cool.

Trials and tribulations do happen.  But they leave us stronger, and hopefully a little wiser for the next bump in our journey.

Let the glass be half full every day.  After all, happiness is a choice.

Nat’s Knack

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa


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