meatless monday + how to feed the world


As often as possible, I try to abstain from eating meat at least once or twice a week.  I know my impact is not great, but the intention is right.  If we all make just a few adjustments in our dietary routine, I believe we can really make a difference.

If my words do not strike a chord, maybe this New York Times article will make you think twice about consuming meat at every meal.

While a billion people are hungry, about three billion people are not eating well, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, if you count obese and overweight people alongside those with micronutrient deficiencies. Paradoxically, as increasing numbers of people can afford to eat well, food for the poor will become scarcer, because demand for animal products will surge, and they require more resources like grain to produce. A global population growth of less than 30 percent is projected to double the demand for animal products. But there is not the land, water or fertilizer — let alone the health care funding — for the world to consume Western levels of meat.

Nat’s Knack Meatless Monday recipes:

DSCN3697 DSCN3712 DSCN3714 DSCN3716 DSCN3718 DSCN3720 IMG_1309 (Photos taken at various markets outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)



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