gfh: roost


Roost Restaurant
1972 Fairview St  Houston, TX 77019
(713) 523-7667


Roost is an exceptional experience.  If you have never been here before, you will probably drive right past this quaint one-story gem hidden among its residential neighbors on Fairveiw St.  As soon as you park, you start to feel like you have arrived at the perfect “home” away from home.  After a warm greeting by the manager, my friend Adam and I were seated at a spacious two-seater table against the wall (yes this exists).  Our server approached us casually and lit the candle on our table,  She shared a few highlights off the menu and before I could finish my question, she was handing me a revised gluten free menu.  In fact, she almost laughed as I mentioned my gluten-allergy because nearly everything on the menu was naturally gluten free, phew!

Adam, the Roost veteran, snatched both menus and carefully picked our dishes for the evening.  This is what I love about Roost, every dish is delicious – there is no way to go wrong – unless, of course, you don’t share!
image_1 copymaine shrimp salad, cHarred corn, old bay p0tato chips, smoKed mayo
fried caUliFlower, boNito, miso dreSsing, pine nuts, scaLlion
image_3 copy“ma Po” soft tofu, aPples, long beans, pEanuts, serRano, thai basil
image_4 copylouSiana BBq scallops, Waco white corn grits, pEa shoots, andouille sausage

Don’t wait to check out this one-of-a-kind culinary experience.  You might even catch me there, again.

– N/K



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