what’s your morning ritual?


Every tree is known by its own fruit. (Lk 6:44)

The morning ritual: it is intimate and unique.  Whether you open your eyes slowly, stretch gently, and ready yourself for work or wake up that extra hour early to brew fresh coffee, prepare a hearty breakfast and read your favorite inspiration.  Either way the morning is yours.

Five days a week, my day begins around 5:59 am, just before I hit snooze for the third time.  I do a few stretches in bed… make my way to the carpet for a quick yoga “sun salutation”… and stumble into the bathroom to wash up.  As soon as I can, I turn my stove on to boil water for my soon-to-be french pressed coffee.  My kitchen then becomes a three ring circus: make coffee, prep lunch, fix breakfast.  As the water boils, I chop a melody of fresh fruit from my fridge and toss it over a combo of cereals.  Coffee: pour the hot water, stir, let rest for four minutes.  Lunch: chop a variety of fresh veggies and protein and toss over mixed greens.  Breakfast: sprinkle my cereal with cinnamon and drizzle with almond milk.  Lastly, pour the irresistible coffee over a little soy creamer and sit.  By this time, its almost 6:40 and I have just enough time to watch the last hour of CNBC’s Squawk Box and read my daily meditation with breakfast.   I love my mornings.

What’s your morning ritual?

xo, Nat’s Knack

Photo: Breakfast on a Saturday morning; changes only slightly from my M-F ritual with added French Toast!


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