more veggies please. . .


I always try to rid my fridge of any perishables before heading out of town. In this case – I am only leaving for three days – but I still cannot stand the idea of wasting food or letting it go bad while I am gone. So, I scoured my fridge and realized I had a whole bag of spinach (just waiting to wilt and get slimy over the weekend), an open tube of polenta (destined to mold if not eaten within days), and a half jar of marinara sauce (tomato sauce turned acidic? No thank you). So I created a casserole, of sorts.

DSCN4984 DSCN4992

The Kitchn,, is one of my favorite websites to visit for recipe inspiration. Today, author Faith Durand offered some “food for thought” about how to incorporate more vegetables into your meals. I found myself nodding along as I read Durand’s list of “10 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables Every Day,” realizing how just a little extra time and planning can help you get your fill and make you feel great! Balance is so important in all aspects of life, and ideally we can add a bit of balance on our plates this New Year. Our focus should be less on weight management or fitness goals and more on overall harmony. For me, that means focusing on the simple things that add to my happiness and health. And as an easy rule, a balanced plate = lean protein, better grains and carbohydrates, and plenty of greens.

Happy Humpday, xoxo Nat’s Knack


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