A day in my Charleston kitchen


Hard to believe, but it is officially my last semester in college and I finally have a schedule with no class on Monday and Friday! I have to admit it makes for quite a long weekend, which I am hardly complaining about, it just takes some getting used to. I spend most Monday and Wednesday mornings interning with Proud Mary (an exceptional social business, where I am learning from the owner/designer who travels to source her textiles from artisan groups in Guatemala and Mali). My Tuesdays through Thursdays seem to fly by with back-to-back classes, but when Friday comes it’s all worth it. I get to sleep in, sip my coffee a bit slower, and make what I want with my day. This past Friday started with a quick errand for Proud Mary and a nice long walk around Charleston. I cannot explain it in words, but if I ever feel unmotivated or down, a walk around downtown Charleston seems to be my best cure. It is such an active historic town, every house unique, rustic, and beautiful, people sitting on their porches, bikers passing you by, gardens (dead and alive) on every corner, and characters everywhere. It makes me smile.
Local farm selling fruits and vegetables at a pop-up market on the corner of Spring St. and Coming St., just a block from my apartment.
20120120-222630.jpgSome fresh produce I picked up on my walk home (tomato, apple, tangelo, cucumber, okra = $3.25)
Afternoon snack: Cumin-lime roasted chickpeas
Mid-day baking: Chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies with walnuts and dried cranberries
Fresh dill and parsley from Milena’s urban garden in downtown Charleston.


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