I love my CSA veggies!

As if there are not enough reasons to love Friday, this fall I get to add one more: CSA delivery day!

This September, my best friend Milena and I decided to join our first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with Rosebank Farms. We split the cost of their small bag option to ensure less waste, especially since this is our first time. Every Friday we pick up a delivery of fresh, seasonal, and local produce from a downtown location and each week its a surprise to see whats in the bag. This Friday marks our third delivery, but so far we have been beyond pleased with the variety of vegetables and fruits in our bags.  Besides helping our local community and farmers, joining the CSA has made me more aware of buying ingredients that are native to the lowcountry and seasonally available.  Buying in season helps eliminate travel costs and fuel emissions while providing me with nutrient rich and naturally harvested produce.  It is not always easy finding uses for turnips or mustard greens, but the challenge of finding the right recipe always ends with rewarding results.

What’s in our bag this week:
– butterbeans
– arugula
– cherry tomatoes
– basil
– navy beans
– turnips and greens
– yellow squash
– zucchini
– yellow beans

Past weeks included:
– apples
– pumpkin
– eggplant
– cucumber
– mustard greens
– pink-eyed peas
Check out Milena’s beautiful and inspiring blog at http://cestutile.wordpress.com/


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