Parisian Breakfast

Oeufs En Cocotte
Baked eggs with a granola, fruit and yogurt parfait is the perfect balance of a savory and sweet breakfast!
Strawberry Greek yogurt topped with a fresh granola and muesli mixture, surrounded by a delicious variety of fruits.
The process is simple. First, I heated a pan and fried some diced pancetta. I used the oil from the pancetta to saute one small shallot with garlic and olive oil. Next, I added some spinach to the pan just until wilted. Then, I transferred all these ingredients into a small cocotte or ramekin, added a touch of cream and marinara sauce, cracked one egg in the middle and finished it with grated Parmesan and crumbled goat cheese. With the oven preheated at 350 degrees, I baked the egg for 12 minutes (if you like your yolk loose, check the egg at 7 minutes).

I garnished the baked egg with fresh basil (chiffonaded) and Cajun seasonings.

Give it a try – mix together some of your favorite savory breakfast ingredients (eg. spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, pancetta, bacon, marinara sauce, cheese) with a splash of cream or milk, crack an egg or two, and bake! Bon Appetit.


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