New Macaroon Boutique

Charleston has been gifted with a new Parisian bakery – Macaroon Boutique. Located in the heart of downtown, its difficult to pass by this boutique without being lured inside by the wafting smell of fresh pastries as you approach 45 John St.
Charleston INSIDE OUT explains,

The little luxuries, light and crisp egg white and almond on the outside and soft and smooth in the center, have long been the amour of the French. But, recently the coquettes have been stealing hearts on this side of the Atlantic and soon arrive in Charleston. Paris native, Fabrice Rezzo has been perfecting his macaroons for 27 years, since he was 14 years old.

Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel cookie and a Pistachio Macaroon
Lucky for me, Fabrice and his wife are regulars at FIG restaurant where I work here in Charleston. Having recognized me from the restaurant and after my attempt to speak french with him and his wife, Fabrice handed me a free bag of Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel [salt] cookies with my purchase of a bag of macaroons! Mmm, my experience was nothing less than sublime – each bite into these delectable treats was heavenly.


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