Coffee Shop Culture

While road tripping from Charleston to New Orleans I decided to document all the coffee shops we stopped at along the way. Coffee shop culture is something unique and distinct on its own. Every coffee shop has its slew of “regulars.” The regulars come in every morning expecting the barista to remember their faces and know exactly how they like their coffees. One barista in Perdido Key, Florida was particularly impressive with this skill. She smiled and greeted every person walking into Mojo’s Coffee Shop and cracked inside jokes with the fellows sitting inside. I complimented her positive vibes and ability to remember every customers coffee before they even ordered. She joked back with me saying,

I couldn’t tell you a single one of those guys names! But I bet you that I can match every face in here with their personal order of coffee.

-Words from a true barista (Mojo’s Coffee Shop, Perdido Key, FL)

Gallery Espresso, Savannah, GA (art, coffee, tea)I ordered a hot chai tea – served fresh 🙂Peaches Cafe, New Orleans, LA It didn’t take long for the barista at Peaches Cafe to talk me into this decadent mocha frappe!


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