10k Training Begins…

Sunny day + clear skies + bearable temperatures = first Saturday run on the Arthur Ravanel Bridge in Charleston.

After asking a fellow runner some questions and researching the bridge after my run, I learned that the Ravanel bridge is roughly 4 km long (8 km there and back or 5 miles). The bridge itself is a beauty, but the sights of the ships in port and river underneath your feet is what makes this bridge run incredible. The wind was strong and cool on the top of the bridge but the 60 degree temperatures and warm sun kept me moving. It seemed like everyone in the city made the bridge trek this morning: cyclists, leisure bikers, dads running with the “sport stroller” and baby on board, tourists and families taking pictures, couples walking, runners, and joggers.

So after this successful run, I decided to set a goal for myself: train for and compete in the Cooper Bridge 10k Run on March 27. I usually run 5k races but I am excited about the challenge of a 10k. 35 days to prepare!


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