In celebration… of my first week at CofC!

My passion is cooking… my vice is baking. But let’s be honest, who can resist warm, fresh, melt-in-your mouth cookies or bread? I can’t! Also, for whatever reason, things seem to taste EVEN better when you make the batter and bake the goods yourself. And so I did it. I used the ingredients I had and came up with two delicious baked challenges. I say challenge, because baking is not my strength. I love to cook because I can glance at a recipe and simply use it as a guide. I’m constantly adapting recipes to my own taste and changing the ingredients to use up the ones I have. But baking… there is very little room for adaptation. Baking is a science; in the sense that each measurement is precise and adds to the perfection of the baked good. So I decided to make “Healthy Honey Oatmeal Cookies” (with chocolate chips AND dark chocolate M&Ms) and today I used the leftover half of my sweet potato (from my rosemary sweet potato and chicken dinner – previous post) to make “Maple Sweet Potato Bread.”

Between the cinnamon and maple syrup used in these recipes, the aroma was irresistible in my apartment these last few days! My roommates and I have had a field day eating the oatmeal cookies (there is only one left) and we have made an impressive dent in the sweet potato bread. Mind you, it just came out of the oven 45 minutes ago. But we all know baked bread is best when its fresh out of the oven.


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